Social Responsibility

What is Corporate Social Responsibility? 

It is the responsibility of an organization to the impacts that their decisions and actions cause in the society and the environment, through a transparent and ethical behavior, contribute to sustainable development, including health and welfare of society, take consider the expectations of its stakeholders, comply with applicable law and consistent with international norms of behavior and is integrated throughout the organization and put into practice in their relationships. 


JUNE 2011 | NEW CSR “Joy owned the reunion”

Began the second phase of the project “20 Smiles, 20 HOPE”

The meeting of the reunion was scheduled for Monday 17.00hs May 30 at the headquarters of the Foundation PROVIDA. 15 minutes before, attendance was nearly perfect. This time the cold could not beat this group of children who with their families arrived full of energy and expectations to start the second stage of the project with support from Patagonia Logistic Solutions S.A.

The children enjoyed the reunion playing, singing and feasting with new friends who joined the project this year. The popes exchanged experiences with their peers telling stories of their children, in relation to the project and the positive influence it is having on family development, school staff and each of the children.

After the meeting agreements were signed authorization to participate in the project by the Fathers and once again we can conclude by saying: YOU CAN!

DECEMBER 2010 | NEW CSR   “Un Cierre con muchas Sonrisas y Esperanzas”


Conclude the first year of “20 Smiles, 20 HOPE”

On December 11, was the closing event of “20 Smiles, 20 Hope” project supported by PLSSA Social Responsibility. It was at the headquarters of the Foundation PROVIDA, which brought together participants of the project children with their parents, teachers responsible for the activities and residents of the city. The kids had a musical number and skill activities especially prepared for the occasion, a 10-minute video summed up 1 year of work, there were smiles, some tears and a lot of satisfaction. The project began to take shape in December of 2009, driven by Patagonia Logistic Solutions and PROVIDA Foundation, and the first mountain stage, full of excitement and an indescribable feeling of those who only felt when the heart, one can give



In order to encourage other companies in the industry to start thinking about Social Responsibility activities in your community, we have begun to implement the spread of our actions, in different media in order to provide as much detail THAT is possible about what we do and how we do for all those who so wish, to replicate what we have done until now on CHILDREN AND ENVIRONMENT 

OCTOBER 2010 | NEW CSR “20 Smiles, 20 Hope” 

Parent Meeting 

On Friday October 8, made the second meeting that asistiron parents of children “20 Smiles, 20 Hope, the idea was to follow as always met and together learn how to be transmitting values to our children. 

LIMITS & LOVEThat was the topic covered in this second meeting involving 12 families eager to keep learning. As usual, once a month we meet at the headquarters of the Foundation PROVIDA, Parents of the children, professionals who are part of the project, contracted by the Foundation, members of the Foundation PROVIDA, members of Patagonia Logistic Solutions , which are part of the Corporate Volunteer program that the company is carrying on because of this project and the boys. 

Ms. Adriana Camardelli, project coordinator, shared with attendees the importance of setting limits with love and gave some tips on how to perform this task, sometimes so difficult for parents. 

For his part Dr. Apache, a pediatrician who is part of the project, provides concrete ideas on what to do with measures of preventative health, to continue in line to get going strengthening the link between “Hospital” and “Families “ 

For its part Parents of boys were able to express what are the most pressing issues-from their point of view, so they can be addressed in upcoming talks with your kids. Once again thanked the support received by the Foundation and the company PROVIDA Patagonia Logistic Solutions through this project and told with great joy and excitement, that way your children are living this experience: “In the case of my son can not wait to get the combination, every day ask me today is the combination? is very happy and that makes me happy “ 

The stories were repeated throughout the round and that fills us with joy and desire to follow along moving! Come back for more! 


SEPTEMBER 2010 | NEW CSR “20 Smiles, 20 Hope” 

Friday September 24 came the turn of a recreational outlets and this time we went to “The Camping Club Andino.” The instructions were clear, “RUN, PLAY and SKIP.” 

Outdoors, smiles and a lot of play! 


Upon arrival, Fernando Vargas, the operator of Camping, received us with all the love that a host can offer your guests. The boys arrived with many questions and eager to spend a different evening. 

Patagonia’s office that Friday Logistic Solutions wore a different color changed routine tasks to customs formalities and clearance of vessels, by jumping in the mud, run on the grass and wholesale accounts. David Viera, manager of the company, suddenly became a photographer of emotions and events animator, Nestor, Manuel, Fernanda and Lorena, three of the team integrangrantes the company, left the desks and computers aside for a moment , and became waiters and tour guides. Prepared a snack for the kids, they started walking and with Fernando set out to answer the questions most hilarious of these very special guests. 

I get the story time, songs and farewell, and as always, in the end our heart is full of love, full of sensations unrepeatable and another looking at a picture can not help dropping a few tears. We are happy doing what we do! 



“20 Smiles, 20 Hope”



A problem and a solution


The challenge we decided to confront -

Rediscovering the Lost Treasure, “The Family.”


For the changes made in recent years within the traditional family, exacerbated by the current crisis of values whose components is poor formal education and lack of personal aspirations and occupational horizons, add disenchantment and apathy increases in many young people classified as the generation of “nini”, because neither study nor work. His dismal picture does not allow them to think about joining the society that struggles every day in search of sustainability. This phenomenon is not new and that all generations have been, but as the population increases, as is well known and will be more difficult to resolve. 





Promote and support the Project “20 hopes , 20smiles”. Aware of the problem in our society decided to bet the future of our society: “Children.” About the Project 

This project aims to rescue 20 children of our city, with ages ranging from 4 to 7 years, and now are experiencing a situation of social exclusion or lack of opportunities for social and human development for various reasons and after a monitoring work and support over 5 years, we hope to insert them into society with the same opportunities as other kids his age. 

The work we do 

3 Times a week, between the hours of 15:30 pm to 16:00 pm a van with a companion to every child removed from his home and left them in their homes between 18:30 pm and 19.30hs. 

One Friday per month, the Padres are close to the Foundation for a meeting to follow up and provide some details of how they are developing their children and meet the concerns they may have. We take these meetings to assist in family integration, trying in each case the issues that we need to be addressed. 

1 day per year a stage act of completion of the project where we hope to present to society fueguina an activity that will be prepared in advance guys. 



On Monday they are transferred to the Conservatory of Music where he received classes Scaramuza musical stimulation for a period of approximately 1 hour and then invited to share a snack in the Conservatory. The purpose of this activity is that they can go exploring the world of art through music. If it is not the original intention, it is possible that within 5 years, perhaps, we discovered that he was among us a virtuoso of the guitar, piano, violin or any other instrument. 

Every Wednesday is transported to a local gym where they receive physical education classes so that little by little begin to relate to the various sports and as in the former case the main idea is not to discover a talented soccer or hockey, or any other sport, that while it may be that they have any facility for any of these other sports, the main goal is that they can begin to interact differently in different environments and different habits that can generate as are, respect for others, love of life, companionship, friendship, concern for others and that through these new values can help to instill in their lives, new habits that allow them to relate better with their families and begin to transmit in a timely manner. 

On Fridays are transferred to the multipurpose room of a local church, where he engaged in social integration. Among other things receive school tutoring, recreational activities, games integrated with their families and recreational outings. 

Our Commitment


That is why the last 6 months we have been working with the Foundation PROVIDA of Ushuaia, in order to support two ways this wonderful project: 

- Financially: We fund the operation of this project with financial contributions, which are delivered to the Foundation PROVIDA, institution to carry forward this initiative. 

- Human Resources operational tasks: Our employees participate in a voluntary and regular physical presence in the provision of services that the Foundation determines to be able to share the daily life of each child. This process is enriched directly to each of us starting with the employee who just income to the company president himself. 



Set up in each family we work with the need to achieve the ideal of believing and among all humanity to create more equitable based on self-and mutual assistance in order to achieve goals moved by the force of will, moral responsibility and commitment .